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These are virtual appliances for vmware. Login is always appadmin:appadmin. On first boot the mashine will be 
initialized and you will be prompted on the console for network configuration. Make sure the guest can obtain 
an IP address either using DHCP or manually.

Should you need to reset the vm run 'ndn-va-reset' which will shutdown the guest. The next time you boot the guest
you will again be prompted for network configuration.

You may have to do any or both of the following things after deploying these appliances to your vmware server
or ESX:

* recreate the eth0 network adapter
* upgrade the hardware version on the guest

If you are using vSphere (ESX 4.x) then you should use an ova file. Select deploy from OVF and change the 
filter in the dialog to *.ova. You can also deploy directly from this URL.

If you are using ESX 3.x you can use OVA-files using a modern vmware converter (older versions will complain
about the XML structure of the OVF descriptor). This is because ESX 3.x natively only supports v0.9 OVF/OVA 
and these are v1.0 OVA:s. You can also use Use ovftool ( 
to deploy the OVA-file. Use this example as a guide:

# ovftool --datastore=a-datastore-on-your-esx foo.ova \

Appliance		Version		Description
shibboleth-sp2		1.3		A ubuntu 8.04.2 LTS with shibboleth2,apache2 and php5
appliance-base		2.01		A ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS with vmware tools and basic goodies
shibboleth-idp2		1.3		A ubuntu 8.04.3 LTS with an unconfigured Shibboleth IdP